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    Email marketing has long been argued as a dead strategy. In the world of marketing, the term “long” is pretty relative. Only in the last year or two has email marketing been deemed a needless waste of time. How could
    vizify technology documentation change so fast? How can an entire online marketing strategy change so fundamentally in less than a year? Many marketers want to know how, if at all, their email strategy can fit their website home page. Is there still life in the web design trick of email sign-ups?

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    Before digging into any of these questions, one has to know the state of email. Email marketing has been dissected and explained as a dead marketing strategy. The argument seems valid. People use Facebook messenger more than email for communication. Email is fitted with spam blockers. The list goes on.

    The fact that social media could be inferior may appear like an absurd argument, as more and more companies deploy social media over email sign-ups on their website. The argument may be true if one was to actually look into the percent of visitors actually diving back into the company and supporting it with actual money.

    Email Marketing Has High Acquisition Rates

    In general, social media is used more often. Marketers seek the almighty holy grail of acquisitions. These are individuals who actually buy something once they are reached. These individuals fuel the marketing strategy further and justify it in direct terms. Truthfully, social media strategies have very low acquisition percents. People using social media just do not buy. It is the opposite for email. Companies can figure big percent rates for emails opened and read. People seem to engage more directly with email- using their wallets.

    For companies seeking marketing help, there should be a cohesive understanding of what method will take priority. This is especially so in regards to the web design, where one should be highlighted over the other. Both can and should be used in the marketing, but marketers need to be aware of not cluttering the home page.

    Perhaps most importantly, one marketing strategy does not need to replace another. It is not a competition. They can work in harmony, especially in the service of superior web designs. Vizzify Marketing can develop multiple strategies in the design that end up servicing multiple needs. It is not a battle. Email is not dead. Compared to social media, it can boast impressive numbers.